Spirit of Color

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Spirit of Color follows its successful companion volume, Spirit of Drawing, by combining the meditative practice of Sensory Awareness, expressive art therapy, and intuitive studies in a series of hands-on experiments that will uncover your unique creative powers and personal color harmonies. These explorations are supported by objective color theories and richly illustrated by paintings of past and modern masters. With its unique combination of theory and intuition, Spirit of Color is a comprehensive guide to the elusive magic of color in any medium, whether abstract or representational.

Explore the evocative power of color, in a progressive learning experience with each chapter building on the next. Find your unique color harmonies and discover that they are part of a universal, elemental language reflecting qualities of earth, water, fire and air. Expand this elemental language of color through the widely accepted theories of Johannes Itten and his seven color contrasts. Understand the inner source of color in masterworks of Hokusai, Corot, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, O’Keefe, and many others.

Published in the United States by Watson-Guptill Publications. Spirit of Color, 175 pages, 400 illustrations. $24.95 U.S.A. Available through the author.

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