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Connie Smith Siegel’s “Spirit of Drawing” is not available through the author.*

“Spirit of Drawing” is an invitation to adventure—written not as a manual of instructions or techniques, but as a map of discovery. Working with simple materials and guided by our own sensations in a progressive series of drawing experiments, we track the inner workings of creative expression. Over time and in unexpected ways, these explorations can lead to more potent and visually compelling drawings, from personal abstractions to detailed images. Above all, the reader will discover that the act of drawing is a natural extension of the human emotions and perceptions we all share.

Explore an elemental language of abstraction, growing naturally from your senses and inner feelings. Discover your personal style as you draw the world from your unique perceptions of touch, weight, seeing, and space. Understand the perceptual source of past and contemporary masterworks through dozens of stunning examples. Experience the inherent healing potential of drawing.

*Published in the United States by Watson-Guptill Publications. Spirit of Drawing, 175 pages, 440 illustrations. Currently out of print, but available at www. amazon.com and www.abebooks.com.

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