“I met Connie and Leon in 1971 in Charlotte’s Studio 2G on West 73rd Street in Manhattan. There was an amazing party at Connie and Leon’s Brooklyn apartment in the same spring.   At the party, Mary Alice Roche spoke joyously about the whole world becoming engaged with Sensory Awareness.
Connie and Leon moved to Woodacre, CA in the early 1980’s, and invited me to visit.  When they realized it was New Year’s Eve, they put on music and to my great surprise, started to dance very wildly.  I felt that I was in the right place, but a surprising moment for me!  In later years, at various SA events, Connie and I began to indulge in dance improvisations often with wonderful abandon.  Nine years ago, I stayed at Connie’s Woodacre home and we had a depthful visit with many of her paintings (her “babies”). I ended up having a wonderful time sleeping on cardboard boxes, which she had made into a sleeping alcove! 
 Connie’s writing for a SA bulletin in 1973:
“As you experiment with weight, you may experience a remarkable phenomenon – when the pull toward earth is fully experienced, it can wake up the opposite force.  The deeper the pull, the more forceful and exuberant is the urge to rise.
  Out of the dense earth, the dark womb, comes the regenerative impulse to life.  There is no need to produce this effect or even expect it.  It will happen by itself, as you give yourself permission to follow the influence of gravity wherever it leads.
  The conscious alignment with gravity is at the heart of creativity and the process of healing as well.”

Ray Fowler