The Memory is I loved Connie… we danced together at the gym many Thursdays, both smiling ear to ear… she attended many SGVCC events over the years and we always made a point to chat.  She was somewhat of a regular at the Artist Film Nights at the community center and always thanked Larry Rippee and I for helping bring Valley artists together. And besides her sweet spirit, her artistic vision was amazing.  I have a favorite tree in the valley, a simple plum tree on SFD in Woodacre.  I find it to be very beautiful throughout the year, especially in the spring. Connie saw that tree’s beauty as well and created some gorgeous pastels for others to behold.  So, today I feel sad that another special neighbor has passed, I can’t help but think that she’s reunited with other valley artists I.e. Jack Kamesar and Griffe Griffiths, and is pain-free, radiating like a rainbow and still smiling from ear to ear.

 RIP Connie