The Memory is Daily blessing of nature/Connie memory🙏

Unfortunately we never had the pleasure to meet Connie,  but we are deeply blessed to be living in her art nature haven Woodacre home.

Every day we are blessed by a huge sacred “spirit rock” that sits outside all our back windows, that she has a beautiful painting of, that we recently came across. The story of this is sweet and synchronistic!

The May 2020 day we came to look at her property to rent, we fell in love with the backyard rock! And took a photo of it, that was at the time, covered in pink flowers! And come to find out later she painted that same rock and it was the reason she bought the place. It stole her heart as well.

Thank you Connie for your legacy of nature love, creativity, and heart full spirit! We get to remember your spirit and the blessing of you, every day🙏
Starla and Alan