The Memory is I first met Connie in the late 1990s, at one of her Intuitive Color workshops. Her teaching spoke to me at a very deep level and the work that I did with her was truly transformative. Connie had the rare ability to allow her students’ work to develop without directing them toward a certain end. When she said, “Just see what happens if…..” she was genuinely ready to welcome whatever happened. She was seriously dedicated to her work and to sharing what she had learned, but it was from the love of the work and never a desire to make herself important,  She was gentle (but she could be pretty insistent) and unpretentious. I remember a lot of laughter in her studio.  I am tremendously grateful for her commitment to her books (and I remember her groaning about the challenges of writing, the time away from her painting, the technology, the publishers). I opened them after I learned of her passing and the beauty, clarity, and subtlety of her thought and her writing are stunning, and her voice still lives on the page, as in my memory.

Painting in the Sierras