The Memory is at the traditional Woodacre 4th of July Parade down the length of Railroad Avenue. When the parade started at noon it was over 100 degrees. Connie was in her 70’s. Two of us carried her Peace Banner on poles to accompany her. Undaunted by the heat, she belly-danced the entire length of the parade balancing a boom box on her shoulder blaring mid-eastern music. Her dance outfit jangled with bells and sparkled with color and her flaming orange clown wig.  She barely averted heatstroke and then, naturally, couldn’t resist checking out the Dixon Ranch flea market for irresistible outfits and silk scarves on her way home. The more outrageous the better.  Did anyone happen to photograph her?

Connie was one-of-a-kind with a passionate devotion to beauty, to painting in Nature, and actively engaging in healing through art. She encouraged local artists through salons, teaching and curating community shows.   Her artistic legacy enriches all of our lives.