The Memory is Connie, a colleague of many years in the practice of Sensory Awareness, added meaning to my life through her explorations with paper forms of various colors, sizes and shapes in the many workshops she led during SAF conferences I  attended. This kinship was especially true as it related to my Sensory Awareness developed vision of the natural landscape. Her workshops were gentle invitations to discover and her offerings made a personal difference to me.

I looked forward to working with her on matters of importance during SALG gatherings. While I knew her usually as soft spoken,  she possessed determination and resilience springing from fierce integrity that became evident on vital issues she felt deeply. Her, at times, rollicking humor and robust zest for life endeared me to her and it was always such a pleasure to participate in letting loose and enjoying living in those every moments with her. Penny and I have her books and a beautiful work of art that live with us and, together with many fond memories, keep her in our hearts. She is dancing above us in a swirl of color. Love and peace to you, Connie.