Connie was one of the earliest and strongest supporters of the idea of forming an association of leaders at a time when many people for various reasons were against it. 
   She was also very involved in the long and difficult process of hammering out the language of our bylaws, how Guild elections should be conducted, and new leaders could become accepted into the Guild. At times, she would stubbornly dig her heels in and fight for what she felt was right, but I loved and respected her in spite of that. I sometimes thought of her as a mountain goat, unafraid to venture out alone onto the farthest ridges to find just the right spot. She certainly did that in her outdoor painting and sketching excursions.
  She was very strong in her gentle, shy way and also wonderfully playful. Her strength, passion and persistence really shows itself in the impressive legacy of her paintings and her richly detailed and professionally done books on creative expression and sensing.
  Some of the techniques she developed using color and drawing I used with many of my child and adult patients in my psychotherapy practice and found them to be very useful and productive.
   As I’m sure you’ll agree: a great loss of one of our greatest teachers.

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