Oak Knoll, San Geronimo Valley

The Memory is In the Spring of 2019, I was planning an exhibit for the SGVCC for their 50th anniversary.  I had long wanted to see a show of landscape work by San Geronimo Valley artists, all doing scenes of our Valley.  The show was called ‘Where we Call Home’.  I called Connie after the show dates were confirmed for the fall and described what I wanted to do.  She was very worried about not fitting in and said NO!  She was concerned that there might be so much traditional plein aire painting that her pieces would not work in the show.  I told her that I would not, under any circumstances, hang a Valley landscape show without her being a major presence in it.  We had to process it a bit.  Her two large pieces looked fantastic in the exhibit and one sold. She appeared at the show closing celebration and was flanked by all of us who have so loved her and her life work.  I also feel fortunate to have taken classes with Connie years ago and I treasure the books she wrote. Thank you Connie for your beautiful gift to the world as an artist, a teacher and neighbor.